Make Homemade Cat Toys : Make Catnip Sock Cat Toys

Make catnip sock toys for cats in this free video.

Expert: Grace Fitzpatrick
Bio: Grace Fitzpatrick has studied ventriloquism for years and is a trained improv actor. She uses the illusion of “throwing” her voice to entertain children at parties.
Filmmaker: David Jackel

Duration : 0:2:13

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25 Responses to “Make Homemade Cat Toys : Make Catnip Sock Cat Toys”

  1. doggielover1111 Says:

    what if the cat …
    what if the cat rips the sock and chokes on it?

  2. astalavisitor Says:

    This How-to video …
    This How-to video is recommended for people who cannot open their socks without help!

    It is more offending than helpful, dont you agree?

  3. themitsooos Says:

    nice advertisment …
    nice advertisment of puma socks!

  4. kate211d Says:

    lol ikr
    lol ikr

  5. ChiyokoxMiko2010 Says:

    Lol are you shure …
    Lol are you shure its weed not cantnip lmao o….o

  6. TheJustinfernandez Says:

    are you sure that …
    are you sure that is catnip..?

    expensive sock. :)

  7. mohamedhazemohamed Says:

    at 1:03 the man was …
    at 1:03 the man was staring in her

  8. Supersupernatify Says:

    i need all my socks
    i need all my socks

  9. Supersupernatify Says:

    1:00 That looks …
    1:00 That looks like weed 8o

  10. MakerNation Says:

    why am i watching …
    why am i watching this???
    I dont even have a cat

  11. johnlloydg318 Says:

    @kklmsfk lol x10
    @kklmsfk lol x10

  12. Rover7898 Says:

    while ur at it can …
    while ur at it can u teach me how to put on my underwear or maybe even how to sit on a chair sao can u plz make vid on tht thx

  13. marionetadelplaneta Says:

    Nice tits :D
    Nice tits :D

  14. zombiekiddx2 Says:

    lol its weed for …
    lol its weed for the cat

  15. oOWhermacthOo Says:


  16. Litlecoyot Says:

    Puma sniffs catnip
    Puma sniffs catnip

  17. Clayguy247 Says:

    Wow this is amazing …
    Wow this is amazing? Do you have a video on putting a sock on your feat?

  18. moflin2 Says:

    oh ur going to show …
    oh ur going to show us how to put catnip in a sock. No offense but i knoe how to put catnip in a sock

  19. mekia02 Says:

    why does that sock …
    why does that sock look dirty???:(
    This is so stupid.

  20. DavinDaGeek Says:

    She looks like …
    She looks like she’s been smoking that catnip.

  21. mandoob Says:

    I never try this …
    I never try this before, I’ll buy some catnip and try it, hope this time it will work with my lazy cat. she is like not intersting on anything. wish of you show us how it works on your cat :) Thanks for this cool video.

  22. mermaidamp Says:

    Cats get high on …
    Cats get high on catnip.

  23. frekijsimpson Says:

    Could I buy this …
    Could I buy this tutorial on DVD..??


  24. frekijsimpson Says:

    that is mind …
    that is mind blowing!!!


  25. axeman503 Says:

    very cool idea. …
    very cool idea. cat’s do love their catnip.

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